VITO BICA is Billy the Kid and James Bond – The Venus in sheep's clothing. Word Play. We practice research and design within the fields of urban planning, comm­uni­cation and human inter­actions. From glaring app­lications on Amiga OS to daring ⚅ ⚅ experi­ments on relevant dating platforms. Mind over matter ☝ Home is where the drinks are.

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Tanzjahr Poster selected for The 2nd Shenzhen International Poster Festival — 2016 ...

Announcement – Shenzhen International Poster Festival

ZAGENO — Case Study ...

Feature – Design made in Germany

V/+O 3/CA, the Berlin-based agency with flickering identites, glowing typefaces and projects ...

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Space Bonding — Case Study ...

Feature – Design made in Germany

Poster Contribution for Tanzjahr 2016 for Raban Ruddigkeit, together with Fons Hickmann, Mario ...

Article – Slanted Magazine

Mirko Borsche, Fons Hickmann, Eike König and photo­grapher Oliver Rath (R.I.P.) joined us to ...

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