we connect cognitive sciences with design to help great companies in pop cultured industries to get better and faster results by evidence.

→ Why pop culture

Pop culture is hype, it’s trends. it travels at light speed and using tech is at the centre of being pop cultured. you should understand it's proprietary signatures, what your customers truly desire. We are early days ravers, fashion and sport addicts, digital first-borns. We grew up with rap, snap, techno, stüssy and skateboarding.

we know that meaning outdoes brilliant functionality. When you take a look at how technology affects pop culture, its invention will always mean less than its appropriation.

→ Why cognitive sciences

Cognitive sciences is about human behavior and intelligence. It’s about if, how, when and why people will use your products and services. It helps to frame the big picture of complex business issues with their manifold interfering and conflicting forces. It helps to break these down into smaller subsets with the least complexity. → We fix those subsets to solve the whole, fast and super sharp. Call it lean with a strategy.

The evermore expanding complexity requires a new foundation for Design, one that connects with cognitive research and tech. Cognitive Design serves to create meaningful interfaces between human capabilities and technological potential.

We already applied Cognitive Design for ZAGENO, the Amazon for life sciences, our social venture Space Bonding and for one of Germany’s leading travel brands DER Touristik. Our clients love our approach because it grants them more freedom to act, makes them barely uncopyable and keeps their products and services scalable.

how will it help your company

  1. 1We're your front doors to what pop culture means in a tech-savvy world
  2. 2We are better at detecting, attracting and interacting with key players
  3. 3We validate your business problems before designing for a desirable future
  1. 4We seek truth by research. no excuses. we do design by solid evidence
  2. 5We create tangible outcomes that make a measurable difference in your market
  3. 6We don’t do time-sheets, our pricing is based on the value we create
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What we do

brand and product strategies

framing your brand for a desirable future

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technology and human interactions

designing for meaningful interactions

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Trainings and workshops

Mastering the Age of smart humans

Our 2-day trainings are crammed with action-oriented analytical exercises, tactical considerations and outcome-focused design strategies.

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