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It was a long walk through Völkisch occultism, latin letters and inscriptions, runes and the Nazi-Branding.

We had to dig very deep and read books, that maybe shouldn’t be read. So from present right wing movements, we went back to Guido von List, an Austrian Occultist, who draw his vision of the Germanic Master Race and who identified the old Futhark Rune System as the primal germanic language, what is in reality an alphabet of Phoenician-Aramaic origin. He became an Influencer for the Völkisch Movement, germanic occultism (Thule Gesellschaft) and later for the Nazis. He developed a grid system for his self interpreted rune system based on the hexagon and he founded a pseudoscience called „Ariosophy“.

We consider this as the beginning of evil, besides the theosophic doctrines of Helena Blavatsky.

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