Vito Bica_

Designer and techpreneur. Diploma at the State University of Arts and Design, Karlsruhe / ZKM. 42 years old. Thrilled by fitness and insects. Happily married. Proud dad. At home master chef.

Industry expertise bundled with systemic research.

I started programming on an AMIGA 500 in 1988 and opened Officine Bica_ in 2001, a one-man studio dedicated to code, data and product design. Until today, my studio delivers great insights and experiences for leading global brands, non-profits and tech start-ups, next to launching own ventures.

Deep and profound knowledge in data, design and technology, accurate execution, speed of action and utmost efficiency are core virtues that enable me to navigate a wide variety of fields. Let me help you build, test and optimize your brand, services and products to make them be loved and used by fervent admirers and happy customers.

Hire an expert. šŸ¤ŒšŸš€

  • Development and training of highly efficient design methods
  • Organization and optimization of design across all business units and locations
  • Validation of designs according to scientifically proven methods
  • Continuous engineering of minimum marketable features and design assets with the fastest learning cycles in big teams

Accelerated learning. More value for money spent. Better brands and products ā€” faster.

Officine Bica_

2001 ā€“ today

Studio for code, data, and product design.

Clients. served.
Adidas, Audi, Bundesministerium fuer Wirtschaft und Energie, DER Touristik, KSB, OTTO Group, Red Bull, Deutsche Telekom, Volkswagen, ZAGENO, Zalando,ā€¦

Selected client work_

2018 ā€“ today

Business type

B2B, ā‚¬ 2.25B in revenue

Business description

German multinational manufacturer of pumps, valves, and related services.

Jobs. Done.

  • Introduction of behavioural UX metrics
  • Introduction of Lean UX
  • Introduction of lead conversion strategies
  • Introduction of customer service strategies
  • UX Lead E-commerce
  • UI Lead Digital Products
  • Company-wide digital product language and design system
  • UX for a leads- and conversion-driven magazine
  • Page performance optimization for core web vitals
  • Content, UX, and UI audits and optimization

2015 ā€“ 2018

Business type

B2B, startup, series B

Business description

ZAGENO is a multi-vendor, online marketplace of life science products that helps scientists to make smart, streamlined purchasing decisions.

Jobs. Done.

  • Corporate identity, Design Language, Brand strategy
  • Digital product language and design system
  • UX for a B2B e-commerce platform
  • Tools for cost-effective media asset production


2018 ā€“ 2019

Research project

Predicting population outbreaks of harmful mosquito species.

  • Design of life tables and reproduction data models
  • Matching life table data with weather data and time series to predict outbreaks in 12 cities around the globe
  • Successfully tested paid advertising to sell mosquito traps in Florida based on forecast data

2010 ā€“ 2017

Space Bonding
Co-founder and CPO

Tech startup on a mission to digitize urban planning and citizen participation processes.

Funded by the Exist program in cooperation with the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

Read on Researchgate

Project: DECYS. Multicriterial decision aid.

Digitally assisted planning processes in school planning projects and educational landscapes (german only presentation).

2007 ā€“ 2008

Medusa XML DB

Development of a native, high-performance XML database inspired by the colonial structures of siphonophore medusae.

Read on Medium

Make your data run deadly better, fired by biomimicry.

Biomimicry: A new foundation for knowledge engineering and a striking new path in recombinant technology.

Past ventures


Haltera Ceased.
Co-founder and CTO

A web-based fitness platform made for fitness creators who want to train better face to face.

Jobs. Done.

  • Zoom-like conferencing web app with Twilio Video
  • Time zone management for synced access worldwide
  • Sleek and super-fast payment process
  • Dashboards for class management and balances
  • Branded instructor pages with dedicated short URLs
  • Proprietary no-password authentication system
  • UX, Design system, brand, marketing funnels
  • Page load times under 1s


Mission Control Ceased.
Founder and CTO

A web-based time tracking and financial controlling app for Officine Bica_.


Jobs. Done.

  • Dead simple time tracking
  • Project management
  • Invoice generation
  • Balances dashboard
  • Integrated CRM

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