Vito Bica_

Designer and techpreneur. Diploma at the State University of Arts and Design, Karlsruhe / ZKM. 42 years old. Thrilled by fitness and insects. Happily married. Proud dad. At home master chef.Portrait picture of Vito Bica with hoodie. Follow me on Researchgate, LinkedIn and Instagram.

I started programming on an AMIGA 500 in 1988 and opened Officine Bica_ in 2001, a one-man studio dedicated to code, data and product design. Until today, my studio delivers great insights and experiences for leading global brands, non-profits and tech start-ups, next to launching own ventures. Deep and profound knowledge in data, design and technology, accurate execution, speed of action and utmost efficiency are core virtues that enable me to navigate a wide variety of fields. Let me help you build, test and optimize your brand, services and products to make them be loved and used by fervent admirers and happy customers.