If you go for off-the-shelf practices, one-sided ways of thinking, and can't do without marketing blah blah, you're probably out of your element.

Vito brought pop culture to the crusty industry of life sciences through a meaningful brand strategy and a human-centered product design approach.  

— David Pumberger, CEO and President, ZAGENO Incorporated

Founded 2015 by Vito Bica, a Berlin-based Designer, and Techpreneur with a full-featured skill compendium, and a handpicked selection of exceptional creatives, and advisors. VITO BICA develops first-class brands and products for rising start-ups, and a wide range of world leading companies.

Our focus on people, their realities and our unbridled pursuit of the new, keeps our fire burning and drives us to dig for things far deeper than most agencies would dare.

Whether it’s one of the first digital start-ups for collaborative urban planning, a human-like digital travel agent, poster campaigns against right-wing movements with world-class graphic designers, methods that help urban researchers do better research, or building the most exceptional brand for life sciences.

We take pride in doing things differently. Build, test, iterate. No retreat, no surrender. This leads to great work.

Portrait of Vito Bica wearing a hoodie and focusing the camera.

„A beautiful mind, a pain in the ass and a pleasure to work with. Vito is driven by a simple principle: get to the core, extract the insights and build up from evidence. The results are both strategically and visually stunning. I can highly recommend working with Vito!  

— Florian Geiger, Former Creative Director, DER Touristik

Working with Vito is both demanding and inspiring. Vito knows that companies need to change processes and culture to be successful and therefore he sets highest standards in Design. And he’s right! Engage him to envision the future of your business.  

— Alexander Mai, Lead Business Innovation, DER Touristik