Design changes our views and situations from what is to what if. We do it by putting human realities first. We do it by combining and recombining divergent knowledge across known boundaries and ways of thinking. We all should know that it’s better to do something meaningful we can connect with.

We worked for

Vito Bica has worked successfully with some of the world's largest brands and great emerging start-ups.

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indian person holding an iPad at Connaught Place using a Space Bonding App.

Product and Business Design

It's not your pitch deck and not the business model that will make you successful. Build products, so edgy and comfy that people will engage with.

With us, you will develop products beyond trendy thinking. It takes a ruthless commitment to humans, to understand what they really think, feel and do. Product strategy, personas, design thinking processes. This is just useless paperwork. Prior to being digital, it is a people‘s business.

girl with headphones, american apparel stockings, and transparent shirt sitting on a bed.

Brand Consulting

The iPod is not a music player. Nike Air Max' are not sneakers. They‘re an attitude. People believe in good stories that mean something to them. Fakes will tear you down.

We understand to fuel your brand with the necessary cultural cache. Whether new or established. It takes guts and true life experience to build and breath a brand for people, not a grand brand vision, and blown up strategy papers. Let us inspire you with our 15y+ down-to-earth attitude.

Multicriterial Decision Aid Manual showing a decision-maing system matrix.

Decision-making systems

Too many stakeholders with conflicting values, wicked problems, and organizational complexity are a fast lane to forthcoming knock-outs.

We know that innovation problems are always wicked, and not tame. At Vito Bica, we do a bang-up job in helping to make better decisions. Together we break down complexity so that it feels less like a pain in the ass. This way we know our clients will reap the benefits.