Design changes our views and situations from what is to what if. We do it by putting human realities first. We do it by combining and recombining divergent knowledge across known boundaries and ways of thinking.

More than just clients

Vito Bica has worked successfully with some of the world's largest brands and great emerging start-ups.

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indian person holding an iPad at Connaught Place using a Space Bonding App.

Digital Products And Platforms

Being digital is not a numbers game, but a people’s business

It takes a ruthless commitment to people, to understand what they really think, feel and do. The products we build are both based on systems theory and qualitative research, which takes in the wild. In pubs, at the cashier, with families, leftovers, depressive people, ravers, punks, hooligans, rich kids. From all those different shades of behavior we generate the most valuable and impactful patterns that will elevate your success.

girl with headphones, american apparel stockings, and transparent shirt sitting on a bed.

Brand Platforms

The iPod is not a music player. Nike Air Max' are not sneakers. They‘re an attitude

It takes guts and true life experience to build and live a brand made for people. No 200-page brand vision or inflated strategy papers will help. We provide your new or established brand with the necessary cultural cache perfectly tailored to your customers.

Multicriterial Decision Aid Manual showing a decision-maing system matrix.

Decision-making systems

Too many stakeholders and processes, conflicting values, and organizational complexity are the fast lane to upcoming knock-outs

We know that organizational problems increase by company size. In order to make better design decisions e.g. UX and CX, you need lean structures, and methods. At Vito Bica, we do a bang-up job in solving those problems. Together we’ll break down complexity and build the appropiate tools, so that your challenges feel less like a pain in the ass.