Easing decision-making in urban planning processes.


The Ministry of Science and Research is promoting new models of co-design at the intersection of sciences and society. It’s their dedicated mission to enable researchers and practitioners to initiate and to investigate change processes for more sustainability, to make urban planning more human-centric. Through a result-oriented process, it should be possible to build knowledge that will make a difference in future practice. For that reason – at the beginning of 2016 – the Ministry launched a couple of research labs. Those labs provide for instance support to restructure urban districts, to introduce new mobility and energy systems, or to design the school of the 21st century. My office did research for the latter.

The challenge

Help to gather the most valuable data – to build a school for the 21st century – from manifold stakeholders with different ages, level of education, interests and needs from and through diverse communication platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, MineCraft etc.

Turning point and approach

People have a lot of tools they use every day. My mum is on WhatsApp. Others prefer Facebook Groups. Younger people use SnapChat or even Sketchup/Minecraft to visualize things. You see the problem. You could interact with 100k potential citizens, when you know the target group, what subject area you are investigating, what goals should be achieved and what kind of output you require from visualizing ideas, to the audiovisual documentation of drawbacks of your environment.


A model and method to integrate the manifold stakeholders into an urban planning process, through various communication platforms and an App to help researchers to choose the right tools and platforms in order to reach their goals.


We helped researchers to embrace and make use of more attraction-oriented research tools. We reduced the number of falsified decisions, while using the right kind of research tools and methods. We improved how urban planners make use of research-based technology. We helped to the skills and knowledge within academic research of what could be contemporary research in digital realms.

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